I've wended my way through the perilous cyberwilderness to offer you quite a cornucopia of delectables to slake your every craving.

My first cookbook, Burgers, co-authored with Rebecca Bent, was published by Clarkson Potter in 2004. It features some very unusual and delicious recipes from celebrity chefs as well as Rebecca's and my own. I wrote my second cookbook, Everyday Asian, with the great chef Patricia Yeo (who is executive chef at the extremely popular Sapa, in Chelsea, Manhattan). St. Martin's published the book in 2005.

Next came my very own Your Kitchen's Magic Wand: Getting the Most Out of Your Handheld Immersion Blender, also from St. Martin's, in the autumn of 2006. It's much more than a smoothie and soup cookbook--there are recipes for veal saffron meatloaf, beef tenderloin steaks stuffed with brie in a cranberry-balsamic reduction, and peach-orange pudding. I've included those recipes, among others, in the recipe section of this site.

Recently I finished writing a cookbook with legendary chef Jonathan Waxman--his first book! Houghton Mifflin will publish A Great American Cook in autumn 2007. I'm currently at work on Waxman's culinary memoir, and more cookbooks with Rebecca Bent, mostly seafood-oriented. And I'm shopping around my next solo cookbook, Live a Little: Everyday Dishes with One Luxury Ingredient. Think macaroni and cheese dribbled with white truffle oil.

And of course, I now have a blog! Life is good.

What to make for dinner tonight in a tiny kitchen and in under a half-hour....How to make the best spaghetti carbonara....What to do with quinoa....How to break in a timid palate to spicy foods....Where to find the best Cuban sandwich in Manhattan for $4....Where to dine alone....And if you have questions of your own, send them here.

An array of succulent sneak previews from my cookbook (and to hell with the food police!)

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